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Get The Fun under the sun on the California Journey!

A California journey across the coast may be the essential journey using its breathtaking views, footloose feeling, and also the many attractions, metropolitan areas, and towns to go to on the way.

Everybody concurs – from travel authors to average road trippers – that the California journey which includes Route 1 (the Off-shore Coast Highway) across the coast is among individuals lifetime must-dos. Probably the most spectacular portion of this famous road is between Morro Bay and Monterey, especially in the Big Sur area. The street was blasted in to the side from the sheer coves that dominate el born area and it is completely produced by man – a piece of engineering, persistence, and resourcefulness. You can go to areas unreachable before amazing road and it is many bridges were built, and consume sweeping views from the Off-shore.

Where in the event you go during this journey?


Start your California journey within this charming town. A good option to remain is within the hotels that us dot the coast near Moonstone Beach. Moonstone Beach has well-tended boardwalks and walkways that wind across the beach front to understand more about. The city is quaint and price a trip too. If you like wine, have a 15 minute drive to nearby Paso Robles and sample wines in the 170-plus wineries situated in this picture perfect area that features a perfect climate for wine-making.

Hearst Castle

This spectacular ode to excess is just six miles north of Cambria along with a must-see. William Randolph Hearst’s enormous castle (165 rooms also it still wasn’t “finished”) supplies a look into this publishing titan’s ridiculously lavish lifestyle. You’ll recognize the Neptune Pool from many movies and advertisements which have tried on the extender like a backdrop. Look out when you are in the region – that is very barren and hardly shows the wonderful house around the hilltop – you might even see certainly one of Hearst’s zebras from the time he’d a zoo they go wild but still live in the region.

Big Sur

Using the crashing waves from the Off-shore somewhere and mountain tops alternatively, this area of the journey is easily the most spectacular. Visit every turn-out that you like after Hearst Castle to take views from the sea in addition to from the beautiful bridges essential to string the bits of road together. In Big Sur, visit Nepenthe, a household owned restaurant established within the late 40’s. Their patio, which hangs suspended far beyond the surf, offers gorgeous views and also the restaurant itself is excellent by having an excellent choice of wines. It was certainly one of my personal favorite stops from the journey – just sipping wine and searching out in the amazing views.

Point Lobos Condition Reserve

Visit this gorgeous park and hike if you are able. The tree-capped rocky outcroppings that compose nearly all this park are beautiful along with a popular of ocean lions cavorts around the offshore rocks, their barking calls heard through the park.


Go back in its history to Steinbeck’s day if this city was noted for its sardine canning – hence Cannery Row – and go to the shops along with other companies located there today. Over forty structures within this city go as far back to when Monterey was the condition capital before 1850. Among the best aquariums on the planet, Monterey Bay Aquarium, is here now and price taking a day trip of the journey to go to. Entire underwater environments are perfectly reproduced within this the place to find 550 types of marine creatures.

Bay Area

Still follow Route 1 in your California journey because it hugs the shoreline through Santa Cruz, ending at the final destination: the incredible town of Bay Area. There’s a great deal to see in Bay Area – but that is another article!

This journey is known for a lot of reasons, ones I’d the pleasure of obtaining lately on my small California journey across the coast. Uncover your personal favorite attractions, vistas, and encounters while you travel this route and discover on your own why it is so well-loved.

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