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Caribbean Destination’s Tourism Competitiveness Under Review

Amongst the planet financial crisis, the formerly obscure term, competitiveness, has turned into a mainstream word. Which isn’t surprising, because in occasions such as these, consumers naturally be cost-conscious.

Ask any tourist why is a destination competitive and they’ll most likely develop something similar to “as being a the best value” – quite simply, supplying a acceptable travel experience for any fair cost.

However for tourism industry professionals, it isn’t quite as simple. For any tourist location to compete, they maintain, it has to first be sustainable. And sustainability goes beyond satisfying the vacationers to insure they revisit. A sustainable destination must satisfy a number of other stakeholders, including the local people, the atmosphere, the hoteliers, the providers and also the government.

With 4 million air arrivals each year, 500, 000 cruiseship visitors and also over 60,000 rooms in hotels – tobago may be the leading island destination within the Caribbean.

As a result, it may be assumed to possess a competitive tourist industry. However the local leaders aren’t using this as a given. Actually, they’ve produced a large network of regional tourism clusters whose job it’s to recognize the restrictions that could compromise the lengthy term development of the profession, and to utilize the federal government and also the local neighborhoods to apply possible solutions.

The nine existing tourism clusters – a couple of more are now being created — are categorized underneath the Dominican Federation for Tourism Competitiveness (whose Spanish acronym is CDCT), headed by hotelier, Mr. Rafael Collado.

In the welcome speech in the recent Dominican Tourism Competitiveness Forum (FODATUR) locked in the country’s capital, Mr. Collado alluded towards the challenges being faced through the country’s tourism industry, stressing that although a number of them – such as the condition from the global economy and volatility in oil and commodity prices – are beyond its control, other medication is entirely manageable, also it was the event’s goal to use them the agenda and pre-plan a practical plan of action.

The big event, which lasted for 2 days, collected more than a dozen of the very most brilliant minds in tourism from South America, The country and also the USA, additionally to tobago. A big number of industry professionals, hoteliers, travel specialists, lawyers, consultants and public officials attended.

About competitiveness indicators, the delegate in the College of Monterrey, Mexico, described his country’s highly sophisticated approach to assessment. A territory’s tourism competitiveness – in accordance with other territories – is measured by providing statistical values to some wide quantity of variables.

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